Posting Cyrillic Characters to Dreamfactory Services results in '?'

I’m trying to post cyrillic characters to the API db service - an mssql db nvarchar field - this results in said characters showing up as ‘???’ even though the encoding is UTF-8 - Any ideas? Thanks

Where is “???” displayed? How are you viewing the DB when you see these characters instead of the ones you expect? Are you certain it’s question marks and not the Unicode replacement character � ?

The ‘???’ show up in the database field itself when we do a select. No, they’re not Unicode replacement chars.
Obviously when we insert manuall in to these fields with n,‘cyrillic text’ it shows up properly

Have you tried setting your charset to UTF-16? Is this behavior independent of client environment?

It could be driver related. Have you tried from Windows (sqlsrv driver) and *nix (dblib driver) and compared the behavior?