Problem loading system config

I had to rebuild my webserver, and I have reinstalled and connected to my original mysql sys db.
I seem to have a good connection as I can login ok, it recognized a bad password.
But once I log in I am presented with a page that says “Sorry, there was a problem loading system config. Please contact your system administrator.”

I’m not sure if I have missed something during the web setup. I installed DF, and changes .env database settings to point to existing database.

Im assuming this has something to do with the appkey being different. I have cleared the encrypted username and password form my service table for any mysql connections

I am still getting the “system/environment -> 500 The MAC is invalid error” before even logging in, and the config splash screen once I log in.

Never resolved this. Ended up installing fresh, re-adding services,apps,roles,ect. back in manually through the interface based on the info in the old database. And then doing a user import from the old database into the new.
Everything seems to be up and running again.

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