Problem with server side scripting

thanks for your efforts in DF
we used a server side script and have made following configurations:

  • Created a role named “Public”;
  • it is active and has access to all services (just for test)
  • Created an App named “Public_API” and set it’s default role to “Public”
    *We use only API KEY for call this script
  • We also configured CORS to allow all origins

Our problem is that we cant access to internal API’s such as ‘/mysql/_table/table_name’ and we get following error when we call our Script:

Invalid token: Wrong number of segments",“code”:401

please note that we checked API key and it was correct.
any one got any idea what we are missing?

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What language are you scripting in? What does the script do?

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It seems your auth token is not valid. It doesn’t even have the required format (JWT). How are you performing the authentication and sending the auth token?