Calling a Server Side Script continuously fails


I have a simple test script that works when calling it from Swagger.

I’ve called it testscript (original eh?) but cannot get it to successfully call from the rest service.

For my REST headers, I’m including the session_token and content-type.
I have app_name for my query string
and for the body, I have;
the is_user_script set to Boolean True
the variable I want to pass: “PIN” set to 1234
I had also added the path and tag parameters from your example as well to test, but I just cannot get it working,

I always get the following result:
“message”:“The script ID “script.testscript” is not valid or unreadable.”,

can you help please? I can’t seem to get past this bit.

many thanks


ok, so I’ve managed to overcome this.
Oddly, I needed to place the “is_user_script” parameter in the query rather than the body.

That’s correct @cardblower, is_user_script=true is a query parameter. Blog post for more details.