Python function post issue with postgresql

In the API, I can post a postgresql function and get a response.body return of:
“vperson_id”: “57”,
“new”: 0
This is ok, although vperson_id is of type numeric(10,0).

In Python script, using, params) returns the following string: => ‘[{“vperson_id”:“106”,“new”:0}]’

so, ok, this seems the same as above


json.loads() by itself returns:
json.loads() => [{u’new’: 0, u’vperson_id’: u’106’}]

and then bunchify removes the unicode from variable names, but not the data:

bunchify(json.loads(x)) => [Bunch(new=0, vperson_id=u’106’)])

Suggestions on how to read the results so I don’t have the ‘u’ character issue with bunchify or alternative way to convert the into a Python dictionary object?