Query on uuid field gives invalid text representation error

I am using DreamFactory on PostGres DB. With v2.5, I used to query or filter uuid fields like this:

application_id = ‘some-uuid-here’

But after migrating to v2.11, I am getting a 500 error. The message says invalid text representation.

Failed to retrieve records from ‘v_all_software_list_c’.\nSQLSTATE[22P02]: Invalid text representation: 7 ERROR: invalid input syntax for uuid: “1bc24c63-8373-47e9-99f2-71f857b1eb8e_2b30fe87-8222-4f70-97fc-a8e21fd6b17e” (SQL: select count(1) as aggregate from “public”.“v_all_software_list_c” where “application_id” = 1bc24c63-8373-47e9-99f2-71f857b1eb8e_2b30fe87-8222-4f70-97fc-a8e21fd6b17e)

Please ignore the above question. There is an _ in the uuid. It is a problem with my code. Thanks.

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