Queued Script Delay Setting Question

According to the documentation below I should be able to set the delay on my queued scripts but I see nowhere in the UI to set these nor does the documentation indicate where in a possible configuration I could do this. ANy help would be great. Am running 2.14.0 on Ubuntu win NGINX.

Delayed Scripts

Sometimes you may wish to delay the execution of a queued script for some period of time. For instance, you may wish to queue a script that sends a customer a reminder e-mail 5 minutes after sign-up. You may accomplish this using the delay configuration option on your script or service. The option values should be in seconds.

Hi @Mike_Harvey,

Have you taken a look at this blog article from us?

Kevin McGahey

Yeah, I read that through a few times. I see no options like Queue For Later Execution anywhere.

As a matter of fact the screenshots in that article do not reflect what I see in 2.14.0 except for custom script service which is not what I need. I am referring to controlling the queue delay for server side scripting (under Scripts) such as:

db > db._table.{table_name} > db._table.{table_name}.post.queued

Where would I add such a delay config?

Hi Mike,

DreamFactory queued scripting takes advantage of Laravel’s built-in queueing feature, for more detailed information, see their documentation here. Every DreamFactory instance comes already setup with the ‘database’ queue setting with all necessary tables created (scripts and failed_scripts). The queue configuration file is stored in config/queue.php and can be updated if another setup is preferred, such as Beanstalkd, Amazon SQS, or Redis.(http://wiki.dreamfactory.com/DreamFactory/Features/Scripting#Queued_Scripting_Setup)

Kevin McGahey