Script Chaining Interuptions

I am having an issue with delaying queued script execution for some server side scripts that are firing as a result of record creation from another script. That post is located here.

The primary reason I am looking to delay the processing of these scripts is that if the main script writes to a log file when its processing is complete. But if I enable any post or queue script on a record created by the main script, no log file is created by the main script. I have verified this behavior. deactivating the child record scripts and problem goes away and the log file is written. But of course my child scripts are not firing.

My main questions are:
1. can I run two or more concurrent scripts at the same time or not? And is there some configuration I must do to enable this?
2. Why would queued scripts interfere with other scripts running or the output of those scripts?

TIA for any insight.