AWS S3 Service CA Certificate Error

Bitnami 2.0.4-2 on Windows:

I have created an AWS Service and am attempting to connect to it. When I click the folder in the files tab I receive the following error:

My research say I need to replace the cacert.pem file according to AWS Faq, but looking at the php.ini file there is no reference to ** openssl.cafile**

Anyone else run into this? Am I looking in the wrong place?

@mharvey I was able to duplicate this error you are seeing. I will need to speak to a developer to see if there is a configuration option or workaround to this.

Thanks. I guess the question is where is the cacert.pem file located that curl is using for the AWS service? I found this SE thread that seems to be applicable.

Any movement on this issue?

I found the location of the offending cacert.pem file.

C:\Bitnami\dreamfactory-2.1.0-4\php\PEAR\AWSSDKforPHP\lib\requestcore (or php dir south of your install directory).

Not it connects. Should update the cacert.pem file in the build.

@mharvey thank you for sharing, we are going to update the aws-sdk.