Remote Service - request body being changed by dreamfactory

I’m having an issue with the body of a request being changed by dreamfactory.

I have configured a remote web service and have successfully run get and put methods through it.

The issue I see is that the body of the request being sent by dreamfactory is changing.

So, I send the following request to dreamfactory with body:

The request that hits the remote service has changed, the new body is:
{’{“test”:“data”}’: ‘’}

I have 2 questions:
1, Is this the way dreamfactory processes requests?
2, Is there any way to ensure dreamfactory passes on the original request body?

Many thanks,

@dougal may I ask which version of DreamFactory you are using?

From the config page of settings:

  • Admin Application Version: 2.1.3
  • DreamFactory Version: 2.1.0
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@dougal may I ask how you are grabbing the request body as it leaves DF? I would like to test to see if this is the case in DF2.2.

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I have resolved the issue by adding a Content-Type header to the service config.

Thanks for your help

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dougal: will you help to configure the remote web service post method in dream factory?