Run script as admin

Is there anything in place in the current version for running a server-side script as an admin? Like a master key or something? I want to keep open registration off but allow new user registration only if the user provides a password. I figured I’d create a script that looks for the password in the request and then creates the new user, but I’d need the script to create the user as an admin. Even if I need to embed an admin user/pass in the script that would be ok.

This post from December suggests that this type of functionality would be available soon:

We added role service access configuration to allow scripting-level (in addition to API-level) access to services. This essentially allows the script to access a service independent of a user session. This was included in the 1.9.0 release on 23 Jan 2015.

Here is the blog post we made that mentions the new functionality. It’s referred to here as the ‘Requestor’ flag:

In the current version of the UI, you will see this configurable property on the Roles tab under the Access heading:

For example, to allow the role in question to modify the User table, you would allow System Access to the User component via the “SCRIPT” Requestor: