Scripting multiple parameter sets to a Stored Procedure

I’m not really all that JavaScript savvy so forgive me if this is a silly question.

I am attempting to write a server side script so that I can loop through many sets of parameters to process through a stored procedure. The SP’s purpose is to create a new database. Obviously I can send in a single set as normal and create one single database but I need to create a large number of databases and being able to loop the stored procedure call will save hours. Is this something possible with server side scripting?

Hi @jowens,

I do not quite understand, you want to create new records in the database or new databases?

The SP creates new databases, I’m passing parameters for naming and max number of sessions. I can pass a single parameter set to it and create a single database via DSP REST API. I’m trying to automate the process by creating a script that will loop through multiple parameter sets to create multiple databases.

Not sure if you understand, but since you’re using procedures to create the databases, it would suffice to Noa lodash._.each() to iterate on the parameters by calling the procedure for database API?