Stored Procedure returning multiple result sets not working

I’m currently testing the API Docs for my stored procedures (SP). I got the SP with and without parameters to work but it doesn’t seem to work when the SP returns multiple result sets. Any ideas on how I can get it to work if it’s possible? Thanks.

Hey Hoang, Lee needs to look at this. Sorry for the delay, we’ll get you an answer.

Thanks Ben. I’m currently working with Mark from support on it.

I didn’t mention it above, but it doesn’t throw any errors since it returns 200 but there are no results shown.


This has been fixed in 1.8.0.


Will my upgrade button work from the launch pad running on azure vm?

I tried to upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7 on there before and it didn’t work.


Do not use the upgrade button. It had some problems and has actually been removed in 1.8.0. Use Git to pull the latest from the master branch. From your DSP root directory:

git stash
git checkout master
git pull origin master
php composer.phar update

For Bitnami installs there are a few more steps.