Service Definition configuration


I create a Service and it works fine.

Inside my Service, i have three tabs Info, Config and Service Definition.

But Service Definition never saves the data, whenever I press the Update Service button, DF clears all the config in this tab, despite the success message: Service updated successfully.

any help will be appreciated.


@andersonmuller could you please tell me what kind of service you are defining?

Hi Matthew,

I try with Custom Script Service and SQL DB

@andersonmuller which DreamFactory version are you using? The custom scripting service definitions can be edited in DreamFactory 2.0.3. SQL service definitions cannot be edited, this is by design. I would recommend updating your DreamFactory 2.0.3 and let us know if you still are unable to edit the service definitions for custom scripting.


Im using 2.02, will upgrade and give you a feedback.

thank you!

@mattschaer I upgraded to 2.0.4, now im able to save.

But, how can i manage these different resources/operations of the service? for example:

If i had a Service “calculator” and created some operations, “/calculator/addition/” and “/calculator/subtraction/”, both have two parameters n1 and n2.

How can i return n1+n2 for “/calculator/addition/” and n1-n2 for “/calculator/subtraction/”?

And, why my script is always executed? even if i call “/calculator/it_does_not_exist/”

Thank you!