Services not updating after creation

After creating a Custom Scripting Service (using PHP), further changes to the service do not appear to take effect. Whatever script was in the ‘Config’ tab on service creation appears to be executed when the service is called, even after this has been modified (and reported to be successfully saved) afterwards. Even if the service is deleted, then a new service with the same name appears to execute the original script. If the new script is used in creating a service with a new name, it works as expected.

Similar behaviour seems to appear with Remote Web Services and a MySQL database service. A MySQL database service was created, then a stored procedure added to the database, but the service does not recognise the new stored procedure. An identical MySQL database service (with a different name) was created, and the stored procedure is not there.

Has anyone else had this issue where the services seem to be frozen and unable to be changed after they are created, or know how to fix it?


I was coming here to add the same issue. Seems like it is only an issue if the config is empty when the service is first saved.

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Interesting, I seem to be having the issue even when the config was not empty on first save.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? @Kirk have you found anything more about it?

Have not seen this issue. It seems like you’re having caching problems. Not sure how you installed, but I’d recommend clearing the cache and making sure that the apache/nginx user has read and write permissions to the storage directory.