Should we use 'size' or 'length' in the JSON schemas that we import?

When I upload a JSON schema in Dreamfactory under the ‘Schema’ tab, an ‘Todo’ example is provided.

In this example a field called ‘name’ specifies this:"size": 80

In the wiki an attribute ‘length’ is presented instead and ‘size’ isn’t mentioned at all. (

I have tried the Upload JSON Tool with both ‘length’ and ‘size’, and it seems to be equivalent.

I guess it would be nice to mention it in the docs, somehow. Or to use ‘length’ instead in the Upload JSON Tool for the sake of consistency.

I am new to Dreamfactory so I apologise in case I missed something.


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@aurerua You’re absolutely right, seems they can be used interchangeably. We’ll update the docs to reflect this! Thanks! :beers:

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