we have to include three js files when working at clientside SDK’s here i am talking about the js ones

especially shred.bundle.js that is 663 kb
and when i looked in to the content it shows following encodings
how can it be slimmed down so for instance only english ones are incorporated

“437”: “cp437”,
“737”: “cp737”,
“775”: “cp775”,
“850”: “cp850”,
“852”: “cp852”,
“855”: “cp855”,
“857”: “cp857”,
“858”: “cp858”,
“860”: “cp860”,
“861”: “cp861”,
“862”: “cp862”,
“863”: “cp863”,
“864”: “cp864”,
“865”: “cp865”,
“866”: “cp866”,
“869”: “cp869”,
“874”: “iso885911”,
“1250”: “windows1250”,
“1251”: “windows1251”,
“1252”: “windows1252”,
“1253”: “windows1253”,
“1254”: “windows1254”,
“1255”: “windows1255”,
“1256”: “windows1256”,
“1257”: “windows1257”,
“1258”: “windows1258”,
“10000”: “macroman”,
“10006”: “macgreek”,
“10007”: “maccyrillic”,
“10029”: “maccenteuro”,
“10079”: “maciceland”,
“10081”: “macturkish”,
“20866”: “koi8r”,
“21866”: “koi8u”,
“28591”: “iso88591”,
“28592”: “iso88592”,
“28593”: “iso88593”,
“28594”: “iso88594”,
“28595”: “iso88595”,
“28596”: “iso88596”,
“28597”: “iso88597”,
“28598”: “iso88598”,
“28599”: “iso88599”,
“28600”: “iso885910”,
“28601”: “iso885911”,
“28603”: “iso885913”,
“28604”: “iso885914”,
“28605”: “iso885915”,
“28606”: “iso885916”,
“ascii8bit”: “ascii”,
“usascii”: “ascii”,
“latin1”: “iso88591”,
“latin2”: “iso88592”,
“latin3”: “iso88593”,
“latin4”: “iso88594”,
“latin6”: “iso885910”,
“latin7”: “iso885913”,
“latin8”: “iso885914”,
“latin9”: “iso885915”,
“latin10”: “iso885916”,
“cp819”: “iso88951”,
“arabic”: “iso88596”,
“arabic8”: “iso88596”,
“greek”: “iso88597”,
“greek8”: “iso88597”,
“hebrew”: “iso88598”,
“hebrew8”: “iso88598”,
“turkish”: “iso88599”,
“turkish8”: “iso88599”,
“thai”: “iso885911”,
“thai8”: “iso885911”,
“tis620”: “iso885911”,
“windows874”: “iso885911”,
“win874”: “iso885911”,
“cp874”: “iso885911”,
“celtic”: “iso885914”,
“celtic8”: “iso885914”,
“cp20866”: “koi8r”,
“ibm878”: “koi8r”,
“cp21866”: “koi8u”,
“ibm1168”: “koi8u”,
“windows1250”: {

Here’s a lightweight alternative.

I’ll take a look at condensing shred bundle.

just another thing is there any minimum of particular version of jquery that needs to be used

Not really, it’s just using Jquery for promises and custom events. Those have been around quite a while.

That said, you could use something like bluebird for promises and stick with native event handlers if Jquery is an issue.