Multi-App DF server


I have a DF server that has multiple apps. For 1 app I created a client userid that had a role that has access only to the resources needed by that 1 app. I use Web Tools on chrome browser to monitor what was being downloaded. The app was written using JQM/Knockout calling DF services. It seems that in the download monitor, resources from the DF server are being downloaded even if they are not being used by my app. they are being downloaded from the shred.bundle.js. Shouldn’t this be downloading only resources used by the user’s role?

My DF version is bitnami 1.9.4 running Ubuntu 14.04 server.

If you used the javascript sdk (for v 1.9) it builds its API calls by first pulling from the API Docs, so everything is loading in the background.
You may want to attempt to move to 2.0 by the way, since 1.9 is no longer in active development.