SQL bugs with Docker image?

I’m installing DF off the dreamfactorysoftware/df-docker image.

It runs fine, and I’m able to login.

But when I try to follow the Angular SDK example I cannot complete the setup tasks.

There appears to be issues with DF’s sql statements.

For example, when I go to CORS set Origin, Paths, and Headers to *, set Max Age to 0, allow all HTTP verbs, check the Enabled box, and click update I get the following.

Api Error
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 19 NOT NULL constraint failed: cors_config.created_date (SQL: insert into “cors_config” (“origin”, “path”, “method”, “enabled”, “header”, “max_age”, “created_by_id”) values (*, *, 1, 1, *, 0, 1))

Any ideas?

Just replied to your post on the github repo. It’s not an issue with the docker package but with dreamfactory itself. There’s an issue saving CORS configs when the system db is SQLite. Working on a fix for that, but a workaround is to use MySQL for the system db. http://wiki.dreamfactory.com/DreamFactory/Installation#Switch_System_Database