Stored Procedures error 500

I have a stored procedure and been developing on a Mac, when changing to windows server i get an error code 500 when i call the stored procedure, the same way with the same application and same settings, roles and users.

  "error": [
      "context": null,
      "message": "Failed to call database stored procedure.\nSQLSTATE[IMSSP]: The active result for the query contains no fields.",
      "code": 500

Strange thing is that the call is run and changes made to the database works.
Been reading one other post with the same issue, but i am not sure what he actual did to get it to work.

I am running Windows Server 2012 r2
MS SQL Server 2014


Likely this is a difference between the driver behavior in Windows and *nix (different drivers are used between those environments). Typically it’s been noticed that DSP will throw an error if a SPROC returns no values. The best way to resolve this would be to edit your SPROC to return a value, even just a dummy one, so DSP knows the procedure was executed successfully.

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Thanks i will try this and see if it works!

I updated the SPROC with a Return 0 one the line before the END statement.

there where no difference in the error.

@jeffreystables is there an example online that handles returned values in Javascript?

I am also getting the same error…Later on I came to know that the parameter which I am passing to the SPROC have a special character (@)…So that I got the above mentioned error…