Unable to change Email Service to use in User Service Config

Hello everyone,

I am new to dreamfactory and I have installed dreamfactory using the Bitnami installer for OS X. The dreamfactory version is 2.2.1.

I am trying to send confirmation emails to users that register from an app. I have enabled Open Registration and it works fine when no email service is selected for Open Reg Email Service in the User Service config tab. When i used the default Local Service, I got an error “Error processing user confirmation.\nMissing one or more configuration for SMTP driver.”

I decided to create a new email service in the services tab and I created it as an SMTP service with the required config details. Then I went to the User service config to change the Open Reg Email Service to my newly created service, but it is not available in the drop down list of email services.

I thought it was probably something I did wrong, so I created another Email Service as a local email service and tried selecting it from the User service config, but only the default Local Service shows.

I guess I am missing something somewhere and will be grateful if I can be pointed in the right direction.

I had the same Problem. Solved it by restarting dreamfactory.
If this doesn’t do the Job, deactivate the standard service and restart once again.

Let me know If this worked for you.

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Thanks. It worked. Guess I just had to be a bit patient. I also learnt that I could clear the cache repeatedly for the same result.

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