How to reset admin login on server?

Hi all,

Today I wanted to test the email service configuration and was silly enough to make a new passwort request (forgot password) with my admin account. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the email-service … (typo or something else …).

Now I’m locked out!


Is there a way to configure the email service in a config file on the server?
Or is it possible to reset the admin password on the server?

Thx for any help on this embarassing issue.

Reto E.

Reto, services are stored in df_sys_service, however the specifics of each (passwords, connection strings, etc.) are stored salted and hashed, so editing via MySQL is not really doable.

If you’ve gotten locked out of your admin, the easiest remedy is to remove all admin users. If a DreamFactory instance has no admin users, then loading the URL for the instance in your browser will generate the screen to create a new admin user.

To remove all admin users

  1. Log in to MySQL
  2. Locate all records in df_sys_user where is_sys_admin is equal to 1.
  3. Change these records to that is_sys_admin is equal to 0.

You can now load the instance’s URL in your browser, and create a new admin user (Note that email address and display name are unique attributes for users.) Then you can log in with that new user, and reset your old user’s password, make the old user and admin again, etc.

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Great. Thx for the workaround!