Unable to connect to remote MySQL DB and browse API Docs

I have configured MySQL database in “Services” tab based upon this guide here:
But it doesn’t list the tables in either “Schema” or “Data” tabs for that service.

Another issue which I am not sure is related to this is that I am not able to browse through “API Docs”. Clicking on any of the buttons (eg. Show/Hide, List Operations etc.) doesn’t expand or collapse the list as it usually does.
This is working fine in Bitnami on local machine.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello, I suspect they are the credentials for database access. Have you ever connected to the same database from your local machine?

Yes. I have double checked the credentials. They are correct.

This is most likely a connection issue. What is your connection string?
If you have access to your log file it will provide more insight as well. It’s in the storage/logs folder within the DreamFactory root.

Here is my connection string:

I am not sure how can I access my log details. Just to clarify for you to help me better, I am running it on dreamfactory instance not on local or private server.

if your instance is hosted on enterprise.dreamfactory.com then you do not have access to the logs. The dreamfactory support team can check for you if you provide your instance URL.

The most likely issue is that your mysql server is not allowing connections from the DreamFactory server. The IP for the hosted system is if you would like to try changing your mysql server setup.