Unable to connect to SQL Server 2012 on Windows with DF2.0 Beta 2

I am just getting started with the DF2.0 beta 2 but the very first step of connecting to SQL database is going cranky. I just can’t get past this.

When I create a service for the SQL Server database, it says - Required extension or module ‘mssql’ is not installed or loaded. After running through other topics, I did almost every step but still unable to connect to the database hosted in the localhost. Can someone please help? Is this bug fixed in 2.0 beta or 2.0 RTM?

This is a known bug in 2.0. You should change mssql to dblib (if you are using Linux or Mac.)
If you are using Windows you should be selecting the other driver, labeled “MS SQL Server” which produces a connection string that start with sqlsrv.

I had upgrade using Git shell. the beta download would not work for me either.
I think i followed this doc to get it working: https://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/dsp-core/wiki/Product-Upgrades

There was an issue with the sqlsrv driver in the beta-2 release. Even though you select sqlsrv it would try to use mssql. This is resolved in beta-3, now available.