Unable to get Khan Academy API service working

I’m trying to create a service for this khan academy api but it doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone help?

Here is the api I’m trying to get working (if you click on the link, it returns tons of data)…

They have an api explorer and here is the link…

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I think we are exceeding a size limit for cURL on the DSP. That one you sent is 27 MB.

I tried /badges and it worked fine via the DSP service.

Not sure what the limit is but I will find out. You can probably make it bigger for your DSP.

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PHP is running out of memory. Assuming you have your own DSP, as a workaround you can bypass the following code in your DSP by adding 'false && ’ at the beginning of the conditional. This prevents conversion from JSON to PHP array which was causing it to run out of memory.

File is, from the root of your DSP installation, vendor/kisma/kisma/src/Kisma/Core/Utility/Curl.php line 396

if (false && false !== ( $_json = @json_decode( $_result, static::$_decodeToArray ) ) )
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