Unable to update display_name in user profile

Hi there,

I’m going through DF, setup an instance on Bitnami - AWS.

I’m able to create user using this end-point http:///api/v2/user/register by sending:
“email”: "mmwaseem@xxxxx.com",
“first_name”: “John”,
“last_name”: “Doe”

I’m receiving email confirmation (though email is ended up in spam folder) and able to confirm by clicking the confirmation link - so far so good.

When I wanted to update the user profile using this api end-point http:///api/v2/user/profile by sending body request:
“email”: "mmwaseem@xxxxx.com",
“first_name”: “Waseem”,
“last_name”: “Mohammed”,
“display_name”: “Waseem Mohammed”,
“phone”: “”,
“security_question”: “”,
“default_app_id”: 0,
“security_answer”: “”

I’m receiving success:true response, however display_name field does not seems to be commit, I still got the old values. Any idea what I’m missing here.

It’s a DreamFactory 2.12.0-1 Bitnami on AWS instance.

HI @mmwaseem,

It looks like we have typo in the swagger docs. The field to be updated should be named “name”, not “display_name”
confirming the field name in MySQL Workbench:

And in the API Docs tab:

Update via the api/v2/user/profile endpoint:


Thanks for bringing this up! I will file a bug fix to get that added to our sprint.