Updating a single field value

Hi all, (or BenBusse)

Supposed I want to update a single record and I just want to target a single field.

Table : Person
Fields : FirstName, LastName, Age
Now I want to change the name only but keep the last name and age. So far I have a two async methods.

When I do this, it wipes out other other values and put the new values I’ve just defined.

How Do I just update the firstname or that single key/field?

    static void Main(string[] args)

        Client client = new Client { id= 4,  FirstName = "New Name" };


    static async void updateRecord(int id, object obj)

        RESTCall api = new RESTCall("appname");

        string body = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(obj);

        IHttpResponse response = await api.UpdateRecord(Tables.TBL_MAC, id, body);

        Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Code: {0} , Body: {1} ", response.Code, response.Body));


 class RESTCall

    public async Task<IHttpResponse> UpdateRecord(string table, int id, string body)
        string uri = this.DB_Uri + table + "/" + id;
        HttpHeaders header = new HttpHeaders();

        header.AddOrUpdate("X-DreamFactory-Application-Name", App_Name);

        IHttpRequest request = new HttpRequest(HttpMethod.Put, uri, header, body);

        IHttpFacade httpFacade = new UnirestHttpFacade();

        IHttpResponse response = await httpFacade.RequestAsync(request);

        return response;


Can anyone help me with this?


Method was set to Put… instead of Patch.

Thanks for posting your solution John.