Upgrading 1.6.3 on AWS

I am running an AWS Instance of DSP 1.6.3. I had troubles upgrading even to that version a while back, and basically stopped working on my Dreamfactory Project after that release as I was waiting for the release that would allow stored procedures. I came back to it today and everytime i try to update i get an error:

Database Version: 1.5.0

DreamFactory Services Platform Version: 1.6.3

DSP Version 1.7.6 is available!

Well, this is embarrassing…
The server has experienced a fatal error. Our administrators will automatically be notified. However, if you would like to report additional information regarding this particular error, please open a case on our bug tracker.

Error 500
Internal Server Error

Error Details
copy(/opt/bitnami/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/.dreamfactory.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied


Looks like you had this same problem last time… Take a look here:

It explains the problem - basically the installed by user is different than what the installer.sh expects so a permissions error comes into play.


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