Upgrading dreamfactory on windows from 1.8 to 1.8.2

Hi there, I am using dreamfactory on a windows box version 1.8 and I need to upgrade to the latest 1.8.2. There are no buttons in the admin console or the config screen to do this unlike the upgrade from 1.7.8 to 1.8.
Also i downloaded the latest bitnami installer but I think i have to remove the existing working version to complete the installation and i don’t wan’t to do this.
Any idea how to do the upgrade?


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Not sure if I did this the correct way, but it certainly worked with no issues.

I simply downloaded the latest dsp-core-master, stopped all services, and then copied the unzipped dsp over the existing (after making a backup of course).

Restarted the services, then voila - V1.8.2.

The Dreamfactory manager tool still says the previous version, but look under config on the DSP and it says DSP Version:1.8.2

(I couldn’t get the GIT update working, thats why I resorted to this method).

hope this helps.




This worked for me, i replace everything to <dreamfactory_installation>/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs and it’s working just fine. Thanks you so much for your help Andy, really appreciated.

another way, if you’re hip with github… is to do a git pull and composer update within the htdocs folder of your DSP. Saw this pages back - would be nice to have it located centrally which I believe is on github (could be mistaken there…)

for example, in your case.

proceed to htdocs within bitnami:


git pull origin master

(pulls down the code from master (latest release available)

git status

(make sure all looks good and green here)

git stash

(in case something has been giving you a little trouble)

composer update

(this is the equivalent to creating the vendor directory with correct permissions)

note, you will have to install git and composer for this to work on windows boxes.

best of luck mate!


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