Steps for installation on EC2 Windows Server

Hi there,

As there is no Bitnami installer for EC2 windows servers, I started by installing the local windows bitnami installer on the windows server, but from there I am a bit stuck to get it to work.

Are there any documented steps for finalizing the configuration on a windows server ?

Also the built-in upgrade mechanism from 1.6 to 1.7.6 does not seem to work in the local windows installer from bitnami. When cliking the upgrade button, it just “erases” any content of the local index page of dreamfactory with no possibility to login again into it (blank page needing an entire reinstallation of the DSP)

ok, easy it is. A firewall rule for port 80 has to be added in the server, and it works fine.

It doesn’t solve the not functioning upgrade mechanism though, as it seems to mess things up when clicking on the green upgrade button, but I’ll wait for a new installer maybe.


Thanks for reaching out!

When you (try to) upgrade on windows via upgrade button, it pulls dsp-core library from github and then runs the Unfortunately, the script isn’t yet configured to execute properly in a windows environment at this time. However, this functionality will be implemented very soon from what I have gathered from our engineers.

So, in order to upgrade on a Windows platform… there are a few steps as well as a (very small) initial learning curve. Once you’ve done this a few times, upgrading on windows is as simple as pie.

I am finishing up the official windows upgrade document as we speak. I will attach to this post shortly which will run you through everything from a to z - once you’ve gone through this process a couple times… you’re golden.


  • Mark

Hi, thanks for the info,I understand why it didn’t install now.

Perhaps is there a way too to install it using git for windows ? In what directory should one clone the git library before running the bash script ?

There’s a way to install using git but will only work after BitNami package is installed. Apologies for not getting that document out to you yesterday. Give me a little bit and I’ll have it to you.


Alright Mark, that’s fine, no rush. Will wait for your windows upgrade document when it is ready. Thanks !

You should be able to (from your htdocs folder), run a composer update.
I believe Bitnami packages the composer.phar file there directories up.

So something like …/…/…/php composer.phar update

Let it run, and it should prompt you to update your database, if not, just go to /web/logout in the url and then it should pop up.

I have a composer.phar file in “C:\Bitnami\dreamfactory-1.6.10-0\php”

But running composer.phar update on this folder outputs:

Composer could not find a composer.json file

Should I first clone the dsp-core git repository somewhere ?

You should have one in htdocs.
But yes, update your dsp core first. Should be able to do a git pull from htdocs as well.

If not, yes, clone it.

Please, go ahead and install these two programs (as admin) on your windows machine:

  1. git -

note: when installing, make sure to enable functionality in the “windows command prompt” when asked during installation.

  1. composer -

As you install these, please go through the following steps:

Well thanks for the steps. It has updated to 1.7.6 but now there seems to be an issue, as Apache is way slower than before, and at each request, it bursts the cpu at 100% for at least 5-6 seconds…

In the admin panel, there is a gap of 5-6 seconds with the loading gear icon at each tab change too…

It seems that the update broke somethings perhaps.

When doing web/logout, also it asked for upgrading the database schema, I clicked on the green button, and now 'm wondering if the green button was not calling a bash script which would cause some issues in the windows installation like for the main dsp upgrade button.

Yes, you’re correct.

The (temporary) solution to this is to edit your common.config.php file in the following directory:


note that the dir structure may be slightly different, as my DSP is installed as a module on top of WAMP.

When here, simply change all values = false as shown below:

Let me know if you’ve got any issues that come up.

This will turn off server side scripting functionality, but know that our engineers are already working on a solution to include in our next release to fix the speed issue without having to nix server-side scripts.


  • Mark

Thanks Mark, done the modification. It has a bit of speed improvement but it is still a bit laggy. I’m in a development environment so I reverted back to 1.6.10 for being sure, and it is a lot smoother in 1.6.10.

I’m happy with 1.6.10 for now for developping my apps, so I may wait until a next release to see how it behaves.

Just wondering if there will be updates to the bitnami installer for windows as well ?

Anyway, many thanks for the support !

I should’ve said You will need to restart apache… that is my fault, but definitely restart apache after making this change. always try to restart it after making change to your DSP.

the speed improvement is very significant - mine was close to 10x faster.

so if you’d like to try again - or if you want to do a hangout where i compare speed differences for you then just let me know


yes, did restart the apache server too, in fact i restarted both the server and mysql with the bitnami manager.

But I noticed for the todo angular example app that there was quite a delay when doing simple operations on localhost. I verified with 1.6.10 and it was a lot smoother, but i did not make any test, just using it as an end-user and there was a noticeable delay.

I may try a bit later this week to refollow all the steps you mentioned and see if the issue persists. Will post there an update for it. thanks

Just saw that a new windows bitnami installer was available for 1.7.6, sweet!

There ya go - download and install bitnami package - it will create a backup when prompted…

keep me updated



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Thanks, taken care of for now at least :slight_smile: