URL Parameter "accept" not working?

Hi all,

I am trying to make a API request with URL Parameters. And it works, except the accept parameter. I follow the instructions here:

My request is:

The result is always JSON. No error messages. It looks like the accept=application/xml URL parameter is ignored?

Or is something wrong with my request string?

Reto E.

@Reto Sorry for the confusion, it looks like that wiki page was mistakenly updated by myself with stuff coming in the next release. The Accept header is currently working, but no the URL param. Stay tuned.

I guess I could also create a custom scripting service which translates the param to a header.

@Reto I submitted this change into the develop branch of the dreamfactory/df-core repo here. Check it out and use it locally if you wish until the next release, probably end of January.

Still I facing similar issue.(i:e)

My request is:

In comment parameter uservalue is ignored;
How to fix this issue?