User id validation

Hi there, I’m trying to figure out how to validate the user id that a user sends with his session token to make sure he is the right user.

Is there a built in feature that does that job or do I have to build a server side script ?

I tought that if I specify in my table a type of field as user_id (the default) that the api would check if the id fit the session token of the data set as user_id, but it does not in my tests. Do I have to set other things than the data type :user_id in the schema ?

If I have to build a custom script, how do I access user/session ?

I tried var x=platform(‘user/session’) but it returns an error.

Thanks a lot again !

I have answered myself. I had the wrong typing:

It is more var gttok=platform.session.session_token.

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