User without privileges shows empty page

This is more of a cosmetic issue, but nevertheless:

I created a user/role without privileges at all. Now, if I connect with this user, I just get an empty page (just the DF toolbar at the top).

Can I somehow configure, that in these cases a certain page is shown?

It’s even more important, after I changed the user’s group to allow to access the app, but didn’t set it to auto-load when the user logs in. In this case the user sees the blank page. I’d rather expect, there’s a bunch of links, what the user can access.

This is all tied to session. We had messaging in there if no apps were pulled in the session GET, that said to contact your system admin. I’ll see why thats missing.

Since this is tied to session, it requires the user’s session is updated (GET on /user/session), or have them log out and in.

If they refresh the page, the session will update(GET on user/session).

Websocket support is on the way, no date yet.

One more note (or request):

If a user has only one (1) service/app, just show it. There’s no point to forward this user to an intermediate page, where he/she can select just one option.

Exactly how it used to work. Bug was introduced recently.