Access to application not provisioned

For the life of me I can’t query my database service as a guest or with a session token. Any help or insight would be fantastic.

GET method to (header key: X-DreamFactory-Application-Name, value: frisbee)

This is to a new install of dreamfactory 1.8.2 on my linux box. If though I set everything up equally on the dreamfactory cloud it returns the tournament collection absolutely fine.

So this is the error I’m being returned (from my linux install): “Access to application ‘frisbee’ is not provisioned for this user’s role.”

My ‘frisbee’ app has a role assigned to it that’s also the Guest role in the global config (‘allow guest users’ also ticked). CORS access is * for GET & POST (enabled). The role also has the DB service and the ‘tournaments’ table added under the Service Access tab (GET enabled).

This also applies but I can see in the DB the record required in the df_sys_app_to_role does exist: Assigning apps to roles not saving?

There’s obviously something going on with my install. Does anyone have any ideas?


Perhaps your user has not destroyed and recreated his session after being assigned the new role? A new session must be initiated by the user after any changes, as roles are evaluated at session instantiation.