Using an array as a parameter to a procedure


I’ve created a PostgreSQL function which use an array as the second parameter.
The first parameter is used for free text search.
Each array column in the second parameter either refers to a lookup table or to a primary key of the corresponding lookup table.

I noticed my Postgres functions, using parameters with the output as a set (table), appears as procedures in Dreamfactory’s API Docs.

Typical SQL statements to call the procedure are:

Select * from json_publications_lookups(‘moon’, Array[‘authors’,‘keywords’,‘media’,‘publishers’])
Select * from json_publications_lookups(’’, Array[‘authors’,‘keywords’,‘b8039347-d2be-40ce-9e73-ff7135e1db8d’,‘publishers’])

The third column of the second “Select” refers to a primary key of the media lookup table.

Typical output is:

Although I may do away with using an array as the second parameter, is there a way to use the Rest API interface, created in Dreamfactory’s API Docs, to the function?


Nols Smit