Using system apis without X-DreamFactory-Session-Token

In dreamfactory services I created a service and created a role public and allow my service to access all users.Inside that service I called system apis such as system/user in order to authenticate users and also allowed system service access to the public role. When calling the api from api docs with admin session,its working fine.In the apidocs it is attaching X-DreamFactory-Session-Token along with request.But when calling the api outside dreamfactory using postman or curl request in terminal without X-DreamFactory-Session-Token ,its not working.The issue is only admin can access dreamfactory system apis.So is any solution to access system/user without admin session.

Hi @shaju,

The short answer is that currently, you have to pass an API Key, but you can set up roles for users in order to get past having to constantly pass a JWT.

Here is an article referring to how to set up a sort guest access role:

Setting forever sessions:

Please let us know if that helps!