Validation error creating local file storage service

I’m new to Dreamfactory. I just installed the DF2 beta, and is looking at how to handle file uploads. I understand I first need to create a Service for this purpose. However, when I try doing so, all I get is a “Validation failed” message, without any further explanation as to what’s wrong (see enclosed screenshot). Any ideas? The error message could be more helpful… Perhaps this is just an area that isn’t finished yet in the beta?

I have managed to manually access the local file storage through the admin UI, as well as upload a file, so the general local file system access seems to be working OK.

Finally, assuming I can get this working, where can I read about using PUT to stream large files onto the storage? All examples I’ve seen use POST for a form-based file upload. That’s OK for smaller files, but the app I have in mind may require very large files (GBs) to be uploaded, and then the form-based, BASE64 encoded method generally doesn’t work that well. Hence my nead to use PUT to push the file as the request’s body, rather than as a form field.



JM, how did you configure the service on the config tab? I am only able to duplicate this error by not filling out the config tab.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I eventually came to the same conclusion. As I wrote, I’m a newbie here. It wasn’t clear to me that you had to fill out fields on the 2nd tab (but not on the 3rd tab) in order for the button to work. And the error message didn’t help much either.

I suggest you either move all mandatory fields to the first tab, or at least clearly point out where the fields are that aren’t validating, and if possible why. I assume all this is really obvious to anyone used to DreamFactory, but not to a newbie.


Thanks JM. That’s good feedback that I can pass along.

I agree the UI may be able to make that more obvious. It will also probably be more obvious once documentation and tutorials are produced for the 2.0 product, which you are currently using the beta test of.