*First Ever* Community Monthly Digest - June 2016

Hello DreamFactory folks!

Glad to see you here. :slight_smile: Welcome to our first every Community digest!

Stats of the last 30 days

We’re officially over 1,000 members on our community forum! 1,080 to be exact.

  • New Users 53 (was 45)
  • Member Level 0 31 new people (was 26)
  • Member level 1 22 new people (was 19)
  • Topics 102 (was 107)
  • Posts 290 (was 272)
  • Topics with no response 16 (was 18)
  • Accepted Solutions 44

We implemented a new Accepted Solutions feature. Overall, we are continuing to increase all of our activity month after month.


Developments and testing

Blog posts, FAQs and Tutorials


Thanks to all of you!

Want something that I am not reporting on? Reply below and let me know! We’d love to feature more stories and things from the community - we’d love to hear from YOU. (do you like free swag?)