What is -Storage Container- in Apps?

Hello, I can’t find what is Storage Container option in Apps, anyone can help me?




Are you talking about the Config tab or asking how to add file storage to DreamFactory? You can go to the Services tab and select “Local File Storage” or “Remote File Storage” and select the type of storage (AWS SW, Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack). DreamFactory provides an API for whatever storage you choose. You can add as many storage types as you want…

Thanks for quickly reply and sorry for incomplete and wrong question.

I´m talking about Apps Tab > Storage Container field that have two options:

  • application
  • swagger

When I need choose one or other option?

No worries. Storage container is just the folder where you want your hosted app files to reside.

So you first select a Storage Service (this drop down will always display Local-Storage plus any other file storage you’ve added like S3).

Then the Storage Container drop down displays the folders for the Storage Service you’ve picked. Local-Storage has two folders by default, but any additional folders you’ve added will show up here too. Usually people select to put their apps in the ‘applications’ folder, but you can put the app files in any folder you want.

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