What is the difference between AWS API Gateway and hosted Dream Factory?

First of all, please accept my apology if the question would appear to be stupid.
I am a newbie to DF.

For a new project I am looking for an efficient way to create REST API quickly. I am interested in main differences between AWS API Gateway and hosted Dream Factory, especially from use case point of view. It is not apparent to me at the first look.
I know Dream Factory on the contrary to AWS is open source and can be deployed locally, but it is not an important factor for me, as I want to use a hosted solution.

Thanks in advance for all answers.

You’ve hit on the main difference right there. DreamFactory does not offer a hosted solution.

The other big difference is that Amazon API Gateway has a pricing structure, while DreamFactory is totally free with no charge per number of API calls or bandwidth used.

We do host a free sandbox environment for you. That may be what you’re thinking of. However, sandbox accounts are for trying out DreamFactory, not for deploying your applications to production.

Of course, there are many cloud hosting options that don’t require hosting your own instance locally.