When creating user in Admin console, manually setting password fails initially

In DreamFactory 1.6.10, I’ve noticed a bug in the admin console’s user page with regards to manually setting a user’s password. When first creating the user (so, on a new user), the console totally ignores the password that you manually specify, and instead uses the Display name that you specify as the default password.
This is obviously something that could be easily missed, since the password column isn’t shown by default, and even when it is, the password is only shown right after you create or change it, otherwise the field is blank for what I assume are security purposes.

Going back in and editing that same user’s details, if you try to set the password then, it will stick as it should. Also, if you create a user programmatically by using the createUsers() REST method, it will keep the password you specify. So, I’m thinking there’s a bug in how the admin console deals with giving passwords to newly created users, it just seems to be ignoring the fact that you want to manually set it or something.

I hope this can be fixed in the next release!

Hey I went to the hosted version to check into what you’re doing, but I can’t seem to replicate the issue. You’re saying that if you go through the process of creating a user and do not specify a password then the default password for this user is their display name?

Your post is very thorough… But, I just created a user and manually specified password through the admin UI and all went well. Repeated x3 - one thing I did find was that if I did not specify a password then I have no idea what it is… I tried using the display name but to no avail. So, I simply manually set the pass…


  • Mark

No, I meant that when I first create the user, if I do manually set the password, it ignores it and instead uses the display name as the default password. Or at least, when it goes back to the list of users after you save the new user, the string that appears in the password column for the newly created user is whatever was set as the display name.

If I go back in and edit that user, it will keep the password I set manually, but it just doesn’t appear to do so when I initially create the user.

Oh you know what, it does actually set the password I specified, it just shows the wrong thing when you look at the password column after initially creating the user. I just tried creating a new user and manually setting a password, and even though it showed me the display name in the password column after I saved the user, I was able to log in with the password I manually set. Any other time after you change the password it actually shows the password in that column. So, much less critical bug. Sorry for the confusion.

Ahh. Okay - Thank you for the insight!

I’ll make sure our engineering team is aware.

Thanks again,

  • Mark

No problem! Thanks for providing such an awesome service!


I thought that password column always remains empty but just when you change it manually from admin console it’s shown until you push refresh button or reload the page.