Where is the file editor? Or how can I upload my app files to DreamFactory 1.9.0?

All the tutorials and screencasts are for a previous version of DreamFactory. In all of them appears a “Folder” button next to the app name, and it lets you to access to the “Edit files for this application” screen.
But in version 1.9.0 doesn’t exists this button. In the App section, only appears two buttons for each app: Delete button, and a Play button (which executes the app).
How can I access to file editor or how can I upload the app files from my desktop?


OK. I already have seen how to do it in this post: Uploading app code

How can I close this?

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Glad you were able to figure it out. Could you link to the other post so that anyone using the forum’s search function can find it through your thread, also?

Yes. I found the answer in this post: Uploading app code .

Sorry the screencasts are out of date on the UI. We’re working on re-filming these.