Which NoSQL databases are currently supported?

DreamFactory currently supports these NoSQL vendors:

  • MongoDB
  • MongoHQ
  • CouchDB
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon SimpleDB
  • Windows Azure Tables

Leave a comment if you need support for another vendor.

Do you guys plan on supporting Redis?

Yes, what’s your use case for Redis?

We have Redis support for caching now, but documentation isn’t done. It will be up on the wiki soon. I’ll try to post some info though based on your use case, let me know.

Hi Ben,

any plan to support RethinkDB? Would be reeeally nice :relaxed:.

It’s on the roadmap, but other DBs like Cassandra, Amazon RDS, and a few others are a higher priority right now. If interested, you can add support for RethinkDB before we get to it. Email benbusse at dreamfactory if you want to chat about it.