Wordpress to MSSQL?

I have a POS system that uses MSSQL database. I want to create an online shop with WordPress WooCommerce. Could I use Dreamfactory to send all orders to the POS system from the WordPress Site.Just curious if dreamfactory was the right product for me to use to do this.

Hi Jay. I’m not really familiar with the Woo Commerce WordPress plugin, but maybe I can be of some help.
If Woo has a mechanism for making REST calls, and you can trigger such a call when a transaction takes place, then you could pass the data directly into the MSSQL database.
If you just want to synchronize transactions you could connect DreamFactory directly to both databases (WordPress and your POS) and write a script to periodically synchronize the data.

Hi drew, I have the MSSQL database from the POS system and I have the Mysql from the Wordpress site with the woo comerence plugin ( This plugin supports rest api) in dreamfactory and able to read schema on both. When you say trigger a call when a transaction takes place this is what I want to achieve. My next step is read tutorials to find out what I need to do so I can achieve this. If you have any tutorials for me to read please let me know. I am profiling the mssql database now to see what tables are being used when a customer is added, when an order is made, when a product is added etc. I am totally new to dreamfactory and a lot of the tutorials are not for what I want to achieve.

Hi @Jay_Roy, did you ever work out how to do this successfully? I am trying to do a very similar thing only with a POS system running a Postgre DB.