Remote service using Wordpress JSON REST API

I was wondering if somebody has already been thinking about connecting Wordpress JSON REST API as an external service to DreamFactory ? I know that there is some Basic Auth & JSON API available as a WP plugin, but the official WP REST API is using OAuth for authentication. Seems that would not work with the current remote

Would allow some great mobile usecases …

Vikram Vaswani just wrote up a nice tutorial on using the WP REST API plugin with DreamFactory. It’s on ProgrammableWeb here

Also FYI, OAuth 1.0 and 2.0 will be well supported in the version 2.0 release of DreamFactory coming out in June timeframe.

Thanks Ben !

Appreciate the quick response. I am aware of Vikram’s article. Unfortunately that will work only on self-hosted WP sites as it requires a custom REST API plugin.

The nice thing about the version it works for both WP hosted as well as self-hosted. Good to hear about the V2.0 roadmap. Very much looking forward to this.

Thanks for the excellent work. It is a very nice product ! And Kudos for making it available under both OpenSource & Enterprise !