WSDL to describe Apps API

If backend is not a problem anymore (thanks to dreamfactory) I can go and concentrate on the front end. Since I am not a programmer I found General Interface ( from dojo foundation) to help me with web app creation. but there a gap on mapping the data. The General Interface can do the mapping with enough ease if a WSDL document (even JSON formatted) is provided. The response from http:///rest/api_docs/db?app_name=admin (“raw” from API Docs) is not accepted.
Can anyone give an advice on this problem?
Should I try to define the WSDL file myself? Is easy enough? What other option I have?

Here is an example that returns your config information in JSON format. Not sure how this translates into your wsdl though, or what needs to be defined within the wsdl (concrete or abstract?)…

Also, browse through the Live API to see if there is something else you can GET as your mapper.


  • Mark