Zip extract limits

Just a quick query - are there limits to the size of zip file that can be auto extracted on upload?

I have a group of files and Im finding some extract ok and others return

{"error":[{"context":null,"message":"Failed to upload the following files to folder gemanimals/:","code":500}]}

The common element seems to be the files are over 1.4MB, but it doesnt always guarantee failure. This happens via Local Storage, S3, on a T1.micro instance and 4CPU 8GB VPS. The providing-a-url method in the live API seems to work ok though, so its possibly related to the form POST method Im using to upload.

Are there specific logs I can check to find out what is happening in greater detail?


You can possibly look into your apache log to see about any errors on upload. Otherwise, it would be located in a log in the DF folder - do you have access to these folders (/opt/…) in your AWS instance?


  • Mark

Nothing showed up in the logs unfortunately (other than a PHP error when uploading over 8MB, but that is intended). I did find a silly mistake I had made in testing (leaving a reference to the old server hardcoded in the form, hence all the DB activity was occuring on the new server but the actual upload was happening on the old). Trying again on an EC2 bitnami instance worked.