Extract zip is not working in df 1.7.6

when i upload zip befire it used to extract when checked is not working anymore


I just tested this out on my local install (windows) and the file manager was able to extract my .zip

Which OS are you running on? Also, you’re positive that the file uploaded is a .zip. correct?


  • Mark

hi mark,

i am running it on centos 64 bit on lamp stack , plesk
yes it is zipped correctly
on 1.6.10 it used to work perfectly extract zip etc

Hey, we tested that out on Ubuntu and windows but didn’t find any issues. Be sure to reload frame and refresh page. Which version of platform code are you running?

I’ll test it out on my centOS and let you know results. Could you send me some step by step screen shots showing what is happening with yours.

Also, you can utilize the new feature at top of admin console and flush swagger /rebuild platform library as last resort.