Not Found on AWS S3


I created a File Storage Service using Amazon S3. I put the Access Key and Secret, but when I try to use the option “Manage service files”, it finds the Bucket name, but I get an alert saying “404 Not found (Request-ID: XXXXXXXXXXXX)” when I double click it.

I also tried to use the option “Explore this service”, but I’m getting this response:

  "error": [
      "message": "404 Not Found (Request-ID: XXXXXXXXXX)",
      "code": 500

Do I have to do any setup on AWS? How does it find the bucket name, but none of its content? What can I do to solve this?


Hi @edusantana, I know you contacted support directly around the time you posted this. Was this issue resolved along with the others, or do you still need assistance here? If so please outline the steps to reproduce this problem, and I’ll replicate it on AWS myself.