Need to connect to an S3 appliance, how do I create a new "serviceType"?

Hello all,

I have a NetApp appliance that “speak” S3. My question is how do I create a new “File Storage” type ( like the AWS ) that will provide me a new type “S3 compatible appliance” option when I create a new “File Storage” service ?

It will be under system enhancement, but I wish to know how to do it myself, so I can have it asap.


According to this NetApp doc you can talk to it through the S3 SDK which is already baked into the standard DF build. Have you read through those docs and tried to set up an S3 connection to your appliance?

The only S3 connection I could find using the DreamFactory management page is AWS S3 connection. This doesn’t allow you to specify custom S3 endpoint like
It only goes to aws endpoints.
My question is exactly it, how do I specify any s3 endpoint ?

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